Finding My Peace


My life was filled with pain, but I medicated it with education and pursuing a profession. There were cracks in the surface of my life that caused a swell, shrouded in an overload of hurt that continuously bore down on me. I wasn’t ready to chisel through the anguish or to dislodge and face the memories from the past. Each day I came in contact with students, teachers, and parents who at times mirrored my life. Mentally, I cheered them on because they were braver than me. In order to live free, we must take the time to confront the debris and grit in our lives so that we may heal and be cured as God intended.

So much of self-care is about honoring and healing yourself. Recognize emotions that don’t serve your well being and release them. Instead, lean into your values. Take a mental snapshot of life and focus on your values. Values are personally chosen life directions. They act as a compass to guide our actions in a way that is meaningful to us. When we are walking in alignment with our values, life becomes more powerful. Each day choose to show up in real and important ways that embraces and validates the person you were created to be.

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