Carol Campbell-Fullard is a Certified Educator and ICF Professional Coach who works with individuals and organizations to develop successful breakthrough transformational strategies. She has worked with many clients to create and execute actionable success metrics to grow and expand their vision.

Carol is a speaker and leadership facilitator who believes in leading from the “inside out.” As an educational leader and coach she offers a distinctive approach to meeting the needs of clients by uniquely positioning them to utilize emotional intelligence in order to disrupt inefficient patterns so they become confident individuals and balanced leaders. Over the years she has provided many innovative workshops to include mindset shift, social emotional wellness, developing vision, facilitating leadership and transformation, building teams as well as strengthening organizational culture and climate..

Carol received her Bachelors from Ithaca College, Masters in Education from City University of New York Lehman College and Executive Master’s in Leadership from Georgetown University. She also holds both an Advanced Professional Teacher and Administrator I and II Certifications.  She is an Amazon Best-Selling Author of the books Disrupt or ‘Die: An Educator’s Journey, Unmute Yourself, Dare to Rise Above Mediocrity and Unleash Your Undeniable Impact with Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown. 

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